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Education (EDU)

EDU-210 Foundations of Education, 3 cr.
An introduction to professional education providing a historical and philosophical background from which the student can examine his or her commitment to education. Challenges and issues in education today will be discussed in the context of school organization, funding, curriculum, professionalism, legal issues and effective teacher characteristics.
EDU-212 Educational Foundations, 3 cr.
An introduction to professional education providing a historical and philosophical background from which the student can examine his or her own commitment to education. Challenges and issues in education today will be discussed in the context of school organization, funding, curriculum, professionalism, legal issues and effective teacher characteristics.
EDU-215 Introduction to Education Lecture, 3 cr.
Introductory professional education course with an overview of the foundations of education in America, including current professional, social and philosophical issues in education.
EDU-217 Introduction to Education Lab, 1 cr.
Students will complete 40 hours of observation and assistance in a K-12 setting.
EDU-235 Children’s Literature, 3 cr.
Teaches the criteria for choosing the best children’s literature and applies that criteria to evaluating materials to be used in the classroom.
EDU-711   Microsoft Excel 2003 in the Classroom, 1 cr.
Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel 2003 while exploring ways both you and your students can benefit from this powerful program.  You'll learn Excel terminology, how to use the toolbars; how to sort data; how to insert formulas for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, how to create colorful charts and graphs; and much more! Throughout the course, you'll explore standards-based lesson plans and activities that will allow you to pass your Excel knowledge on to your students, no matter what their grade level. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of the basic functions of Excel, and a wealth of ideas for integrating Excel technology into lesson plans across your curriculum.  Online course; P/Q grading.     
EDU-712   MS PowerPoint 2003 in the Classroom, 1 cr.
If you're an educator, this course will help you discover the exciting possibilities of using PowerPoint for and with your students.  You'll master a variety of uses for PowerPoint in the classroom, and you'll be able to create compelling lessons and presentations filled with text, graphics, sound, and video.  You'll be able to use PowerPoint templates or create your own dynamic presentations that will increase interest in any subject you teach. Online course; P/Q grading.
EDU-713   Using the Internet in the Classroom, 1 cr.
Harness the power of the Internet to make your textbooks and lessons come alive!  Teach your students how to locate and evaluate Internet resources.  Improve the caliber and amount of discussion through the use of e-mail and discussion boards.  The Internet can make teaching easier. This course will show you how. Online course; P/Q grading.  
EDU-714    Guiding Kids on the Internet, 1 cr.  
Work the Web with your kids!  This essential course for teachers, leaders, and parents will give you the confidence you need for helping children get the best from the Internet. Online course; P/Q grading.  
EDU-715    Integrating Technology in the K-5, 1 cr.
Join us for an exciting and fun-filled tour of the technology-friendly classroom. Educational technology is advancing at an astounding rate, offering today's busy teacher quick and easy solutions for more interactive lesson plans, exciting WebQuests, and challenging assignments. Discover the power and creativity that technology can bring to your classroom as we look at basic integration, subject-specific activities, and smart ways to make your integration seamless. Take your teaching to another level with these fun new ways to incorporate technology into your lesson. Online course; P/Q grading. 
EDU-716    Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom, 1 cr.
Differentiated instruction (DI) is becoming a mainstay in classrooms across the country as educators are starting to see the ways that the traditional classroom setting limits their ability to reach diverse learners.  Join us on this journey through 10 practical DI integration strategies!  Count on at least three sample integration lessons on each strategy, and just think of all the ways that you can apply them to improve learning outcomes for your students. Online course; P/Q grading. 
EDU-717    Solving Classroom Discipline Problems, 1 cr.
Why do some teachers enjoy peaceful, orderly classrooms while other teachers face daily discipline battles?  The answer is that many teachers have not been taught the secrets to solving discipline problems.  This course reveals those secrets and presents a step-by-step approach to effective, positive classroom discipline. Teachers continually rate this course one of the most valuable they have ever taken. Online course; P/Q grading.
EDU-718    Understanding Adolescents, 1 cr.
To know your kids is to love them.  In this course, an experienced social worker will help you gain a deep understanding and appreciation of your adolescent's development and behavior.  You'll uncover the secrets of the adolescent mind and gain valuable information on how they think, how they feel, how their identities develop, and what steps you can take to ensure that you are well prepared to meet the needs of the teens in your life. Online course; P/Q grading.
EDU-719    Survival Kit for New Teachers, 1 cr.
Are you a new teacher who feels anxious about entering your first classroom?  Whether you're already teaching, a newly credentialed graduate, or a substitute looking to transition to full-time, this course will provide you with all the time-tested tools, tips, and tricks you need to make your early years in the classroom a breeze. Online course; P/Q grading.
EDU-720    Teaching Science: Grades 4-6, 1 cr.
Ready to maximize your abilities in teaching science?  You'll learn about foundational content in physical, life, and earth science, and ways to teach that content to your students.  Discover specific teaching methods and science process skills, and learn how to improve the emotional climate in your classroom.  Lots of examples and worksheets you can use in your own classroom are included.  There's a big emphasis on the scientific method, and there's even an entire lesson devoted to science fairs! Online course; P/Q grading. 
EDU-721    Enhancing Language Development in Child, 1 cr.
Follow your child's lead and have fun while enhancing language development!  In this fun and user-friendly course for parents, teachers, and caregivers, you will discover how children learn to process language and how they become proficient speakers and thinkers.  This course will help you enrich your child's life by stimulating his or her continued speech, brain, and language development in an enjoyable, age-appropriate, and natural way. Online course; P/Q grading. 
EDU-722    Ready, Set Read!, 1 cr. 
Learn what the newest research says about how children really learn to read and write and become a powerful guide to literacy development when you work with young children.  Gain confidence in your ability to guide a child's literacy development, and take pleasure in seeing how even the littlest events can be really big steps in reading and writing success. Online course; P/Q grading.
EDU-723    Big Ideas in Little Books, 1 cr.
Increase student performance on standards important to your district by learning how to develop your own work books, lab manuals, booklets, activity kits, visual aids, and manipulatives targeting those standards.  The instructor -- a former K-12 teacher who is also the author and developer of over 50 products for the educational market -- will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a wide variety of instructional materials.  You'll also learn how to profit from your ideas by offering the products you develop for sale through catalogs, stores, and trade shows. Online course; P/Q grading.
EDU-724    The Creative Classroom, 1 cr.
Creativity will abound in your classroom as you tap into your students' hidden talents.  Learn creative new approaches to learning labs, activities, exercises, assignments, field trips, and evaluation methods.  Think beyond the textbook and challenge your students by making your classroom a creative classroom. Online course; P/Q grading.
EDU-725    Microsoft Word 2003 in the Classroom, 1 cr.
Mastering Microsoft Word can make you a more productive and creative teacher.  Throughout this course, you'll learn to create, open, edit, and save documents, as well as create tabs and margins, change alignment and line spacing, add clip art and tables, and complete a host of other exciting tasks.  As you get more familiar with this program, you'll find that it enhances your teaching in ways you didn't think possible.  Join us on this exciting journey into Microsoft Word. Online course. P/Q grading.
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