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Computer Networking (NET)

NET-122 Computer Hardware Basics, 3 cr.
How to prepare and evaluate system specifications, troubleshoot minor hardware problems, configure and install hardware, manage memory, modify and use diagnostic software.
NET-140 Networking Essentials, 4 cr.
Foundational training in local area networking technology serving as a general introduction to LANs, WANs and the internet. Topics include IQRs, network interface cards (NIC), cabling (coax, STP, UTP and fiber), ARCNET, network protocols, hubs, routers and bridges.
NET-142 Network Essentials, 3 cr.
Network Essentials introduces the networking field. The course focuses on network terminology and protocols, local area networks (LAN), wide-area networks (WANs), Open System Interconnect (OSI) models cabling, cabling tools, routers, router programming, Ethernet, Internet Protocol (IP) addressing, and network standards. Instruction and training are provided in the proper care, maintenance, and use of networking software tools, and equipment and all local, state, and federal safety, building, and environmental codes and regulations.(3/0)
NET-148 Basic Networking and Computer Technology, 3 cr.
Foundational training in local area networking technology, protocols, and installation procedures. Troubleshooting minor hardware problems, installing hardware, system configuration, and run diagnostics.
NET-304 Windows Workstation Operating Systems, 4 cr.
Installing, configuring and administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional.
NET-314 Windows Server, 4 cr.
Installing, configuring and administering Microsoft Windows 2000.
NET-330 Windows Networking, 4 cr.
How to support the various features of the Microsoft Information Server (IIS). Students will learn how to install, configure and implement all components that comprise IIS. Hands-on experience in setting up a web site is included.
NET-331 Win Networking Infrastructure, 4 cr.
Implementing and administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Network infrastructure.
NET-340 Win Active Directory, 4 cr.
Implementing and Administrating a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure.
NET-364 Windows Directory Services Design, 4 cr.
Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services infrastructure.
NET-653 Microsoft Exchange Server, 4 cr.
Designed to simulate the day-to-day activities and responsibilities of a Microsoft Exchange Administration, the student will learn the main functions of the Microsoft Exchange server and how to plan and install Microsoft Exchange in a single-site environment. Multi-site environments will also be reviewed.
NET-726 Introduction to Networking, 1 cr.
Businesses, schools, and other organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on computer networks, which explains why workers with networking skills are in high demand. If you’d like to learn the fundamentals of computer networking in terms you can easily understand, this course is for you. Learn why networks have become so important, how software and hardware makes networking possible, and how networks function. This course will give you the foundation you need to begin training for CCNA Certification or employment in a computer networking career.  P/Q grading
NET-727 Intermediate Networking, 1 cr.
Learn real-world applications for the concepts you learned in Introduction to Networking. You’ll gain a full understanding of almost every aspect of networking technology, including hot topics such as virtual private networks, security, and Internet connectivity. Completion of this course and its prerequisite should serve as a springboard for a career in computer networking or training for CCNA Certification.
NET-729 Network + Certification Prep, 1 cr.
This course will teach you everything you need to know to take and pass the challenging Network+ certification exam and become an excellent network technician. You’ll learn about topologies, the OSI Seven-Layer model, protocol suites, modern network operating systems, network hardware, cabling standards, remote connectivity, Internet connections, network troubleshooting, and more. Network+ certification also counts as one of the elective exams for the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) certification.
NET-910 Co-op Work Experience, 3 cr., 5 cr.

Supervised work experience in the information technology field. 

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