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Business Computer Applications (BCA)

BCA-134 Word Processing, 3 cr.
The essentials of word processing and the use of text-editing equipment.
BCA-152 Comprehensive Spreadsheets, 3 cr.
Provides the student with hands-on training in the use of popular spreadsheet software.
BCA-185 Beginning Web Page Development, 3 cr.
Introduces web page construction theory along with practical applications. Content includes basic terminology. HTML language and the planning and construction of the student’s own web page.
BCA-212 Intro to Comp Business Apps, 3 cr.
Introduction to the field of microcomputers and their components. Includes hands-on training in the use of Windows operating system, word processing, database, spreadsheet and graphic programs. No prior computer knowledge is necessary.
BCA-218 Adv Microsoft Office Apps, 3 cr.
Intermediate and advanced software applications utilizing the most recent Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint) to create documents, worksheets, databases, and presentations suitable for course work, professional purposes, and personal use. Prerequisite: CSC-110
BCA-701 Keyboarding Basics, 1 cr.
Use the computer program FasType for Windows to learn the basic skills of touch-typing.  P/Q grading
BCA-702 Intermediate Microsoft Word, 1 cr.
How to use Word’s publishing capabilities to create flier, newsletter, brochures and other heavily formatted documents. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-704 Advanced Microsoft Word, 1 cr.
How to build time-saving macros, customize toolbars, create shortcut keys, crank out form letters and mailing labels, perform queries, and more. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-705 Intro to Microsoft Excel, 1 cr.
Shortcuts and tricks for setting up fully formatted worksheets, techniques in writing powerful formulas, use functions, sorting and analyzing data, creating custom charts, three-dimensional workbooks, building links, creating macros and custom toolbar buttons. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-707 Intermediate Microsoft Excel, 1 cr.
Working faster and more productively by using Excel’s features such as the PivotTable, Solver and AutoFilter. Building worksheets with decision-making capabilities and using advanced graphing techniques. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-708 Intro to Microsoft Access, 1 cr.
How to use a database to store, locate, print and automate access to just about any type of information. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-709 Intro to Microsoft Word, 1 cr.
Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-710 Intermediate Microsoft Access, 1 cr.
How to build a fully automated database management system complete with custom data entry forms, graphics and more. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-711 Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint, 1 cr.
Creating slide presentations with multimedia slides, charts, outlines, graphs, clip art, hypertext links and special effects. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-712 Intro to PC Troubleshooting, 1 cr.
Solving system glitches, interpreting error codes and messages, detecting and eliminating conflicts, replacing drivers and performing basic preventive maintenance. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-718 Introduction to QuickBooks, 1 cr.
Setting up a chart of accounts; reconciling a checking account; creating and printing invoices, receipts and statements; tracking payables, inventory and receivables; creating estimates and generating reports. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-719 Quicken for Windows, 1 cr.
How to deal with investments, loans, recurring payments electronic transactions, budgets and more. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-722 Introduction to the Internet, 1 cr.
An overview of the Internet with a behind-the-scenes look at the World Wide Web, e-mail, Gopherspace, Newsgroups, FTP, chat, telephony, Telnet and more. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-728 Creating Web Pages, 1 cr.
Designing, creating and posting a site on the Internet’s World Wide Web. Low-cost marketing techniques and search engine strategies are included. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-730 Advanced Web Pages, 1 cr.
Creating web pages incorporating tables, forms, frames, audio, scrolling text and interactive buttons, counters, cooperative banner ads, digital cash capabilities and more. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-731 Microsoft FrontPage, 1 cr.
Using FrontPage to easily create and upload professional looking web sites without programming. Course includes processes for selecting a web host and several low cost marketing strategies. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-732 Getting Organized With Outlook, 1 cr.
Using Microsoft Outlook to get the most out of e-mail communications and contact list, schedule appointments, track tasks and projects and organize information. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-734 Introduction to Windows 2000, 1 cr.
Introduction to Windows 2000 Professional software. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-741 Basic A+ Cert: Hardware I, 1 cr.
Configuring and troubleshooting the hardware common to most personal computers. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-742 Intermediate A+ Cert: Operating Sys, 1 cr.
This course includes DOS; DOS memory management; Windows 3x tweaking and troubleshooting; and Windows 9x installation, optimization troubleshooting. Online course. P.Q grading.
BCA-743 Advanced A+ Cert: Hardware/Operating Sys, 1 cr.
Study of computer technologies including SCSI, video, modems, printers, multimedia, portable PC’s and networking. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-745 CGI Programming for the Web, 1 cr.
Making a web site fun, interactive and informative with CGI. Using CGI and the Perl programming language to work with cookies and forms to build a searchable database, bulletin board and e-mail auto responder. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-746 Introduction to Visual Basic, 1 cr.
How to maneuver through the Visual Basic environment and use the Visual Basic language. Includes basics of window design, adding controls o user interfaces, databases and Structured Query Language (SQL); using these tools for personal applications. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-747 Java for the Absolute Beginner, 1 cr.
Learning the Java programming language, with practical exercises and examples. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-751 Microsoft Publisher, 1 cr.
The basics of Microsoft Publisher 2000, plus how to create a professional brochure, newsletter and a web site. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-755 Performing Payroll/QuickBooks, 1 cr.
Details the steps needed for proper setup of QuickBooks, from accessing the IRS web site to creating a new employee; tracking time and job cost data; and generating forms and reports. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-756 101 Tips/Tricks for Imac/Macin, 1 cr.
Tips, tricks and shortcuts in the operating system, keyboard, desktop navigation, the Internet, etc. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-757 Introduction to Windows XP, 1 cr.
Using a computer with Windows XP software. Online course. P/Q grading.
BCA-761 Designing Effective Websites, 1 cr.
Graphic Design techniques to build attractive and effective web sites., Using the typography aesthetics, color graphics, page layout and the characteristics of effective web writing. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-763 Flash MX for Absolute Beginner, 1 cr.
Creating Flash animation, presentations and web sites. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-764 Intro to Adobe Acrobat 5, 1 cr.
Using Adobe Acrobat to create and use .pdf (portable document format) documents. Converting popular file types to .pdf, manipulation and formatting, collaboration and document sharing techniques, bookmarks and links, interactive forms and security. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-771 Introduction to SQL, 1 cr.
The key concepts of Structured Query Language are studied, including the basic structure of relational databases, how to read and write simple and complex SQL statements and advanced data manipulation techniques. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-772 Introduction to Oracle, 1 cr.
Learn how to use the Oracle database management system to plan, organize, and manage your data. This course will introduce you to the Structured Query Language (SQL), Oracle’s SQL*Plus, and other valuable tools used to develop, manage, and reference an Oracle database. You will learn how to create an Oracle database, build various database objects for the database, and write simple SQL statements that access the data from the database.
BCA-773 Intro to Perl Programming, 1 cr.
Learn Perl, a powerful and easy-to-use scripting language used on PCs, servers, and on the Internet for a wide range of programming problems, Perl is as capable and often as fast as C, C++, and Java, but is easier to learn and does not require the sort of software development tools and environments required by those languages. Perl is also more portable and supported on a greater variety of computers than many other computing languages. Perl programming skills are especially valuable for Web developers, software developers, and system administrators.
BCA-774 Creating User Requirements Doc, 1 cr.
Your success as a developer depends almost entirely on your ability to meet or exceed your customers? every expectation. This course will show you, step by step, how to discover and document precisely what your customer wants. You will learn how to gather, manage, and document user requirements for any type of project in any industry.
BCA-783 Intro to Dreamweaver 4.0, 1 cr.
Using Macromedia Dreamweaver for web design and development. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-785 Intro/Microsoft FrontPage 2002, 1 cr.
Creating and uploading professional looking web sites without programming. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-792 The Classroom Computer, 1 cr.
Using a classroom computer to create a desire for learning in students, using simple, field-tested techniques throughout the curriculum. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-793 Intro to Database Development, 1 cr.
Uses a step-by-step structured approach to the phases of system development. Online course; P/Q grading.
BCA-796 Computer Skills in Workplace, 1 cr.
Learn the fundamental computer skills you need to succeed in today’s workplace. You’ll discover practical applications for email, word processors, spreadsheets, and databases, gaining a working foundation for the critical computer skills you need to survive in the modern job market.
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