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Due to inclement weather, all classes (credit & continuing education) at all campuses will start at 10 am tomorrow, Tuesday, January 17. This also affects the Jazz Band Contest which will start at 10 a.m. on the Estherville campus. Offices will open at 10.


Bioprocess Technology (BPT)

BPT-103 Introduction to Biomass, 3 cr.
An overview of traditional fuel –energy sources in comparison to nontraditional fuel energy sources for the future such as biomass.  Biomass energy potential will be covered as well as application and collection methods.
BPT-106 Industry Terminology-Safety I, 3 cr.
Students begin with first aid and basic OSHA (10 hour) certification.  Course concepts include safety principles from job safety to equipment hazards.
BPT-107 Intro to Materials Management, 3 cr.
Introduction to materials Management concerning purchasing/supply concepts with inventory, distribution and operations involving these activities in an organization.
BPT-108 Plant Management, 3 cr.
A survey of applied management concepts for industry operations. Supervisory planning, labor relations are covered as well as staffing, planning, leadership and contemporary issues.
BPT-110 Industrial Equipment, 3 cr.
This course covers process plant machinery typically found in bio-refineries and its uses.
BPT-113 Instrumentation, 4 cr.
Instrumentation, control loops and process control systems are presented in class and labs, to include process control loop training, process variables, analog and discrete signals, calibration errors, flow process and measurement, and temperature and pressure measurement.
BPT-124 Mechanical Fund-Process Control I, 4 cr.
An introduction to plant equipment, pipes, valves, tanks, mixers, heat exchangers, distillation, pumps, motors, fans, with an emphasis on mechanical components, function and processes. Incorporated with equipment will be introduction to and applications of basic chemistry, fluid movement, heat and mass transfer. Schematics will be introduced to begin an overview of equipment interaction.
BPT-131  Water Treatment, 5 cr.
This course introduces students to the need for water treatment.  The course will discuss removal of sediments and biologicals including algae, bacteria, and parasites.  Methods include filtration, disinfection of water and sedimentation holding tanks. 
BPT-202 Plant Process and Design I-Biodiesel, 3 cr.
A course covering plant processes and equipment for production of biofuels, specifically biodiesel, and other renewable energy items.  There will be lab activities involving crushing, refining and quality control.  
A course covering plant processes and equipment for production of biofuels, specifically ethanol and other renewable energy items.  There will be lab activities involving feedstock, fermentation and quality control.
BPT-932 Biomass Internship, 5 cr.
The on-the-job internship provides the opportunity for students to combine classroom principles, laboratory activities with on-the-job experience. The student, through the interview process with a cooperating employer, is placed in the biomass (and/or related industrial) facility that will provide a variety of beneficial and learning experiences.
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