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Academic Probation

Academic Probation and Retention

Iowa Lakes Community College provides assistance to students to help them to succeed academically. The purpose of academic probation at Iowa Lakes is to indicate the need for special or individualized help for the student who has academic difficulty. The college is concerned when a student has problems and faculty and staff are available to provide assistance. Academic probation is somewhat different from financial aid probation, which can be found in the financial aid section of this handbook.

Academic Probation Status

A status of Probation means that the student and advisor must meet to determine what course of action will lead to success during the next enrollment period. Strict probation means that the student may continue enrollment only with a written contract for performance; failure to meet the terms of the contract results in immediate suspension from classes. Participation in Strategies for Academic Success (or an alternative assignment approved by the facilitator) is usually required of students on strict probation, except during the summer term. Suspension means that a student is prohibited from attending classes and is dropped from all courses. A suspension is for a full semester; a second suspension is for a year. A semester is counted if the student is enrolled for six or more credits.

After the first semester in college, a new freshman will be placed on probation if the GPA is less than 1.50. The student will be placed on strict probation if the GPA is less than 0.80.

After more than one semester in college, a student will be placed on probation if the cumulative GPA is less than 2.00. A student with more than one semester in college will be placed on strict probation if the cumulative GPA remains less than 2.00 or if the term GPA is less than 1.00 and the cumulative GPA drops below 2.00.

A student on strict probation will be suspended if the term GPA is less than 2.00.

A student on probation or strict probation may continue enrollment if the term GPA is 2.00 or better, even if the cumulative GPA does not reach 2.00.

A student who earns a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better will be returned to academic good standing. The Academic Review Committee will review records of students on continued probation and may revise status based on further information such as absences, excessive number of ‘I’, ‘Q’ or ‘W’ grades, etc. Transfer students will be placed on probation if a similar record at Iowa Lakes would result in a probationary status.

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