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Overview of Developing a Grant Proposal

How Grant Proposals Are Developed

Option One (Known funding source):
Iowa Lakes Grants Coordinator searches for grant funding sources or other partnership opportunities which respond to identified college priorities or program needs. Faculty, staff or college administrator may receive notification of funding opportunity as well.

Option Two (Unknown funding source): A college priority or program need identified through the Annual Reporting process, President’s Cabinet meeting, or community need creates an opportunity to develop an action project which has the potential to meet a grant funding agency priority.

Once a funding source or project has been identified, the assigned grant writer partners with faculty and staff to complete the “Grant Proposal Development Form” (available on Forms page). After administrative approval for project development is obtained, a planning calendar is prepared by the grant writer and development team meetings are scheduled.


Office of Planning and Development

  • Extend invitation to participate in project development
  • Draft planning calendar
  • Assist faculty and/or staff to develop the project focus or scope
  • Facilitate project goals, activities, budget and evaluation development
  • Organize proposal application
  • Submit personnel plan to Vice President of Administration for approval/revision
  • Obtain budget approval from Chief Financial Officer
  • Facilitate Critical Proposal Review
  • Finalize proposal application
  • Secure final team and administrative submission approval/denial forms
  • Submit proposal
  • Monitor proposal progress through the agency system from submission to award/denial

Project Team Leader

  • Actively participate in development meetings
  • Provide technical writing support necessary to effectively communicate project activities and requirements to funding (or potential) agency
  • Secure letters of commitment from project partners
  • Meet project development deadlines
  • Critically review all sections of proposal
  • Participate in Critical Proposal Review
  • Monitor proposal progress through the agency system from submission to award/denial
  • Share proposal reader comments with Office of Planning and Development and other development team members

The grant initiator (faculty, staff, administrator) is an invaluable partner in the proposal development process. This individual (or group of individuals) usually has technical expertise in the discipline or area which is VITAL to submitting a competitive proposal. The grant writer assigned to your project will facilitate grant proposal development and submission.

Grant writing is a collaborative effort.

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