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Smith Wellness Center Offers Ideas for the New Year

December 7, 2012

The holidays are approaching and numerous parties and gatherings that tantalize taste buds are occurring. Houses are filled with the wonderful smells of cookies baking, candy making and that wonderful Christmas dinner aroma.  
However, all too soon there are holiday ‘leftovers.’ In this case the ‘leftovers’ are those extra pounds left hanging over waistlines!
“Don’t let them sit there until March or April, start your year off in the right frame of mind,” said Deb Knight, of the Smith Wellness Center in Emmetsburg. “The Smith Wellness Center is the perfect place to start. Whether you are new to exercise or the seasoned workout type, the Smith Wellness Center offers a wide variety of ways to keep that waistline under control.”  
There are some nice benefits to selecting the Wellness Center.
“Walk in our gym with friends, lift weights, swim or work with one of our personal trainers,” said Knight. “Remember, there are no icy sidewalks or snow drifts in the Wellness Center. And, there are no bugs, gnats or mosquitoes in the summer!!!”   
Annual memberships this year will come with 10 free passes.
“Spread the cheer by giving them to friends and family, or, put them in someone’s Christmas card,” Knight said. 
And, she reminds area residents that Emmetsburg Chamber Bucks are gladly accepted at the Wellness Center.  
“Please join us this year for a healthier you,” Knight said.
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Iowa Lakes Wellness Center at 712-852-5311
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