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Smith Wellness Center has Healthy Options for New Year’s Resolutions

January 15, 2014

The month of January is the top month to see “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions.”

It doesn’t matter what media is used, it seems like everywhere a person looks, they will see the list and then have a moment of guilt that they haven’t implemented any health goals.

“Just as sure as you will see a list, you will find the list contains at least one health related item,” said Deb Knight, Assistant to the Wellness Center Director. “Whether it is to exercise more, join a wellness center, eat healthier, lose weight or other similar items, our resolutions show what is important to us – our health.”

So often when it comes to health, people want results yesterday. 

Experts have identified that although people make the resolutions with good intentions,  health resolutions seem to start breaking down at 4-6 weeks.

“Don’t let this break your spirit,” said Knight. “To keep from reaching this breakdown, start your workout plan with a buddy or with a personal trainer.”

The Smith Wellness Center has two Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs) on staff. They are Brenda McAllister and Mark Johnson.

The value of a personal trainer is that they can effectively lead individuals in the performance of safe and appropriate exercise to help them achieve optimal health.

“It doesn’t matter if the progress is slow as long as you reach your goal,” said McAllister. “Goals take time. Be patient and reach your goal by asking for help with one of our CPTs.”

Johnson describes fitness as a four-legged chair.

“Take out one of the legs and your results will be less than stellar,” said Johnson. “In fact, most people’s results will flat out stall. Then they become frustrated and quit.”

He described the four legs of fitness as: resistance training, cardio, nutrition and sleep.

Individuals who would be interested in working with a trainer are encouraged to call the Wellness Center at 712-852-5311.

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Smith Wellness Center at 712-852-5311

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