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Iowa Lakes Professor Publishes Book

November 7, 2012

Dr. Glenn RogersAn Iowa Lakes Community College professor has written and published an ethics textbook. Dr. Glenn Rogers, Professor of Humanities and Social Science recently completed 21st Century Ethics: An Introduction to Moral Philosophy.  
21st Century Ethics provides a functional framework for moral thinking and acting, including an explanation of the Principle of Essential Humanness which Rogers describes as “a principle that identifies what makes an act moral or immoral,” and Critical Ethical Eclecticism, a moral system for evaluating complex moral dilemmas. 
Rogers also discusses challenges of moral and cultural relativity and the reality of moral absolutes. Throughout the text he provides concrete examples of how the Principles of Essential Humanness and Critical Ethical Eclecticism work when applied to real moral dilemmas. These principles are utilized on subjects such as abortion, animal rights, capital punishment, euthanasia, human cloning, sexual morality, and social justice.
Dr. Rogers teaches Ethics each semester at Iowa Lakes and will be using 21st Century Ethics as the primary text for the course in the spring semester. A paperback version of 21st Century Ethics has been published by Simpson and Brook, Publishers, and an interactive e-book version of it is being prepared by National Social Sciences Press. The paperback version of the book can be found online at 
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