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Iowa Lakes Professor Publishes Book

May 23, 2012

  Dr. Glenn Rogers
Dr. Glenn Rogers

An Iowa Lakes Community College professor has written and published a philosophical book. 

Dr. Glenn Rogers, Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences recently completed “Proof of God? Inquiries into the Philosophy of Religion – A Concise Introduction.”

When Dr. Rogers begins to plan his writing, he thinks about who his readers will be.

“First, I write it with students in mind,” Dr. Rogers said. “Then, for the professor who has to adapt it for the classroom.”

The book is a textbook for Philosophy of Religion and is a concise introduction to the subject, written for students at the undergraduate level. 

This isn’t the first book he’s written. So far he’s penned close to 30 books on a wide variety of subjects.

“The first ones I wrote were theology and biblical studies,” Dr. Rogers said.

Following a two-year long mission tour to Nigeria, West Africa, he had a new motivation to integrate theology on different cultures. That then led him back to education.

“When I went back to college the third time, my focus turned to philosophy,” he said. “I went to college so I could specifically teach philosophy, so now all my writing is focused in that area.” 

Several hundreds of hours of research and writing go into each book. 

So, how does a person publish a book these days? 

“Now there are all kinds of options:  mainstream publishers, as a manuscript, and digitally. This particular book is going to be published by National Social Science Press (NSSP) as an interactive eBook,” he said.  That way, video clips can be downloaded and links to a Website can be included.

“It’s designed to ‘keep up’ with today’s contemporary world,” he added, all a part of meeting the learning styles of the 21st century student.

An added benefit of working with NSSP, faculty can add their own classroom materials to fit into their curriculum. 

And while the ‘result’ helps guide professors in the classroom, it’s also very satisfying for Dr. Rogers.

“I love the process of writing! If there was only one thing I could do in life, it would be writing. It’s just that you can’t make a living as a writer,” Dr. Rogers said.

He began the book in the spring of 2011 and was finished by that fall. Then he began discussions with National Social Science Press. The book will be available this fall and will be marketed for spring college courses.

The next semester that Dr. Rogers teaches Philosophy of Religion at Iowa Lakes, he will use his book. 

A paperback version of the textbook can be found online at as well as And, when the eBook comes out, it will be offered through his publisher,

Dr. Rogers is qualified to teach in several different disciplines including psychology, sociology and philosophy.

He has a Bachelor of Ministry degree from Bethany Bible College; both a Master of Ministry and a Doctor of Ministry from Bethany Theological Seminary; a Master of Arts in Humanities from California State University; and, a Master of Arts as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Dr. Rogers is currently working on a book entitled “21st Century Ethics.” He expects to finish the book before the end of 2012. 

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Dr. Glenn Rogers
Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences

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