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Iowa Lakes Introduces a New Shooting Sports Club

June 16, 2014

Iowa Lakes Community College will have a new Shooting Sports Club for students to participate in this coming fall.

“This is a very popular activity at the high school level in our five-county area,” said Bill Lapczenski, Director of Auxiliary Services at the college. “There are several young men, as well as young women, who participate in the sport.”

Bill added, “That’s when the wheels started turning – this is something we should offer as a club activity. We held two shooting events this past year and over 40 students participated in this.  Of the students who participated, there was a one-time high school state champion and a two-time state champion who are both excited to be a part of this club.”

The process has been approved by student senate and the administration at Iowa Lakes.

“Safety is the most important aspect to us,” said Larry Danielson, Professor of Automotive Technology, who will be advising the club, along with Dustin Ross.

The club is working with a local agency which will store the firearms in a locked safe, since firearms are not allowed on campus.  

Larry added, “This should be a very educational and fun activity, helping these students develop a lifelong skill. Competitive shooting is part of a culture of a large segment of the United States. This is a very worthwhile, structured and safe activity. We are looking forward to providing that to our students.”

Those interested in more information about the Shooting Sports Club are asked to contact Larry Danielson, at 712-852-5215 or

For More Information:

Larry Danielson, at 712-852-5215

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