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Lizzy Rasmussen Soccer Profile

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Lizzy Rasmussen

Lizzy Rasmussen

Hometown- Farmington, Utah
High School- Viewmont High
Parents- Derk and Linda Rasmussen
Siblings- James Rasmussen, Benjamin Rasmussen, Amber Rasmussen, Micah Rasmussen, Andrew Rasmussen
Position- Forward and wing
Number- 24

Sports Team-
USA Womens Soccer Team
Athlete- Mia Hamm
Song/Music/Singer- Sleepyhead, cool music, Lizzy Rasmussen
Animal- Otter
Season- Summer
Food- Chinese
Number- 9
Superhero- Batman, Ironman, Spiderman, Superman, Harry Potter
Book/Author- Harry Potter series
Movie- Young Frankenstein and Hot Rod
Actor/Actress- Ryan Gosling, Rachel Mcadams

One word to describe myself- Extraordinary
Nickname- Lizard, Beefy, Beefstick, Lucy, Z, Lizith, Mother, Little Girl, and Bertha
Pet Peeve- Pick up after yourself, annoying people, flirts, tools, fakes, hairy chests and backs, people ignoring me, people with iPhones when I don't get one, brats, nasty eaters, swearing, idiots. Done

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