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Year Player Team Position
2015 Kyle Thomas 2nd Team Pitcher
  Luis Sterling Honorable Mention Infielder
2014 Tanner Johnson 1st Team Infielder
  Blake Rogers 2nd Team Catcher/Infielder/Pitcher
  Hecmart Nieves Honorable Mention Outfield
  Jesus Brito Honorable Mention Pitcher
  Sean Alp Honorable Mention Infielder
2013 Leo Ramirez 1st Team Infielder
  Steven Kandborg 2nd Team Infielder
  Miggy Rosario Honorable Mention Infielder
  Kevin Arroyo Honorable Mention Infielder
2011 Jaryd Marks Honorable Mention Infielder
  Luis Rodriguez Honorable Mention Infielder
2010 Ronaldo Camacho 1st Team Infield
  William Hernandez Honorable Mention Catcher
2009 Michael Vega   1st Team Outfield
  William Hernandez  2nd Team Catcher
  Ronaldo Camacho 2nd Team Designated Hitter
 2008 Jose I Ayala  1st Team Infield 
  Edgardo Aulet   1st Team Outfield
  Luis Moran  2nd Team Catcher
  Isaias Rosario  Honorable Mention Pitcher
2007 Kenny Tomek Honorable Mention   Pitcher
  Michael Vega Honorable Mention  Outfield
  Edgardo Aulet 2nd Team  Infield
  Jose I Ayala 2nd Team
Region IX Defensive Player of the Year
  Jared Krasselt 1st Team  Catcher
2006 DJ Hasbrouck 1st Team   Pitcher
  Matt Mathiowetz Honorable Mention Infield
  Cody Walter 2nd Team Outfield
2005 Andy Cook 2nd Team Outfield 
  Josh Rohrich Honorable Mention   Infield
  Tony Tysinger 2nd Team DH
2004 Nick Bruning 1st Team Infield
  Cesar Camacho 1st Team Designated Hitter
2003 Carlos Aponte 1st Team Outfield
  Nick Bruning 1st Team Designated Hitter
  Chad Cardinal 2nd Team Outfield
  Jason Schneider 2nd Team Infield
2002 Carlos Aponte 1st Team Outfield
  Josh Bay 2nd Team Pitcher
  Reynaldo Romero 2nd Team Infield

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