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Cross Country Meet Results

Date: Saturday, November 16, 2013
Meet: National Half Marathon
Place: Dallas, GA

The Iowa Lakes cross country team traveled to Dallas, Georgia to compete in the National half marathon. We had 5 men and 2 women compete in this event. 6 of these runners would be competeing at this distance for the first time. Our mens team was led by Tian Siggins finishing 72nd in 1:27:42. He was followed by Salvador Salazar finishing 77th in 1:29:59 and Bendigo Jibo finishing 78th in 1:30:33. Next was Kyle Kephart finishing 79th in 1:30:53 and Martin Christensen in 83rd in 1:34:58. Ashley Weston led our women finishing 61st in 1:51:51 and then Elizabeth Johnson finishing 68th in 2:00:00. I am extremely proud of the effort these runners put out running their first competition in a national event against the nations elite runners. Laker Nation was well represented today.




Date: Saturday, November 9, 2013
Meet: National Meet
Place: Fort Dodge, IA

Our men’s team ran at the national cross country meet in Fort Dodge today. Tian Siggins led our team today and continued to improve placing 233rd in a personal record time of 30:19. He was followed by Salvador Salazar placing 273rd in 33:10, Kyle Kephart placing 283rd in 34:20 and Martin Christensen placing 285th in 34:30. Bendigo Jibo also ran but suffered a sprained ankle about mile 3 and was unable to finish. Tian has been very solid for us all year and I am extremely pleased with the way he has improved all year and he ended his regular season on a very high note. Salvador had a pretty consistent year for us and we are looking for him to be healthier and faster next season. Kyle has also been very consistent for our team all year. Martin has shown lots of improvement this year and he will work hard this off season to get stronger and faster for next season. Some of our men and women will be traveling to Dallas, Georgia next week to compete in the national half marathon on Saturday.




Date: Saturday, October 26, 2013
Meet: Regional Meet
Place: Fort Dodge, IA

The Iowa Lakes cross country team participated in the region 11 regional meet at Fort Dodge today. At race time is was 40 degrees with a 20 MPH wind. Our men were led by Andrew Kruger who had a very solid race placing 48th in 30:08. He was followed up by Bendigo Jibo who ran a personal record time of 31:48 and a 64th place. Salvador Salazar also ran a very good race placing 67th in 32:15 just seconds off his personal best set last week. Tian Siggins had an off day today and place 69th in 32:45. Both Kyle Kephart and Martin Christensen struggled to get comfortable in this race and place 72nd in 34:12 and 73rd in 34:19 respectively. On the lady’s side Leah Courtney has struggled all week with a health issue and we didn’t even know if she would run until Thursday. Since she has already qualified for nationals we just had her run an easy race so we could then prepare for nationals. She still pulled off a 29th place finish in 22:21 just four spots off of the all conference honorable mention team. I think Ashley Weston felt a little pressure in today’s race and ran very tight but she still had a very respectable 35th place finish with a time of 22:57 not far off her personal best.  We are off next week and then will be traveling back to Fort Dodge for our National Finals.




Date: Saturday, October 19, 2013
Meet: UW LaCrosse
Place: LaCrosse, WI

I think some of our runners were unhappy with performances today but considering it was one of our toughest courses combined with a huge field (496 men and 471 women) I am happy with most of our times.  We had four personal records and two season best times so we continue to improve our times as we head to districts. Andrew Kruger again paced the men but he never really got comfortable with the pace and struggled throughout. Tian Siggins was again our second runner and was just seconds off his personal record time from last week. Salvador Salazar had a good day and posted a new personal record. Kyle Kephart  also ran well and posted a season best just two seconds off of his personal record time from last year.  Martin Christensen was another runner that never got comfortable in this race yet was still close to his personal record set last week.  Our lady’s ran a 6k today instead of the normal 5k and were again led by Leah Courtney who fell off the pace late in the race and still posted a season best time. Elizabeth Johnson ran very well in our second spot and posted a season best time today. Ashley Weston has battled the flu this week but decided to try and run anyway. She struggled in this race but still finished less than a second off of her personal record time. Amanda Sheridan also ran very well and posted a personal record for herself also.  We will run at our regional meet in Fort Dodge next week and I believe we are on track for a very good day. We greatly appreciate all of our support at the meets we have ran and hope to see you all on Saturday.

Andrew Kruger - 414th: 30:28
Tian Siggins - 443rd: 31:17
Salvador Salazar - 470th: 32:09
Kyle Kephart - 477th: 32:41
Martin Christensen - 482nd: 33:05
Bendigo Jibo - 484th: 33:35

Leah Courtney - 217th:  25:03
Elizabeth Johnson - 438th: 28:46
Ashley Weston - 447th: 29:14
Amanda Sheridan - 460th: 30:23


Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013
Meet: Briar Cliff Invite
Location: McCook Lake, SD

Wow what a day at Briar Cliff. We ran against a very large and talented field. We were the only Jr. College running against many nationally ranked teams and individuals. Our girls team ran extremely well today led again by Leah Courtney. Her string of top ten finishes was broken but in this competition there was no shame in that. Leah placed 24th in 19:32 breaking the school record she had previously set last year. Ashley Weston was our second runner placing 79th in 22:46 and setting a new personal record for herself. Elizabeth Johnson also set a personal record placing 86th in 23:28. Our final runner was Amanda Sheridan placing 90th with a personal record time of 23:57

I think our men got caught up in the early speed of some great runners and suffered a little at the end of the race but all still turned in great performances. We were again led by Andrew Kruger finishing in 87th with a season best time of 29:15 he was followed by Tian Siggins placing 110th with a personal record time of 30:51. Our third runner was Martin Christensen finishing 121st with a personal best time of 32:45. Kyle Kephart was our fourth runner placing 126th in 33:42 and Salvador Salazar placed 128th in 34:59.

I am greatly impressed with the improvement this team has shown this year. We are really starting to see all the hard work and early morning pay off. Next week will be at the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse. We will be running against a very large field ranging from D1 schools to Jr colleges. It will be a very interesting meet for us




Date: Friday, September 20th
Meet: Buena Vista Invitational
Place: Storm Lake, IA

We traveled to Storm Lake for the Buena Vista Invitational tonight. The Lady's ran a 6K race instead of the normal 5k. I think our runners are feeling some fatigue in their legs from all the miles they have been running but times were still very good and should continue to improve over the next few weeks. Leah Courtney again placed in the top ten with a 6th place finish on the women's side and Andrew Krueger just missed the top ten with a 12th place finish for the men.

Leah Courtney - 6th: 25:48
Ashley Weston - 17th: 29:14
Elizabeth Johnson - 19th: 29:45
Sam Piehl - 22nd: 31:32
Amanda Sheridan - 23rd: 32:56

Andrew Krueger - 12th: 29:33
Tian Siggins - 19th: 32:12
Kyle Kephart - 22nd: 33:10
Austin Kuchel - 25th: 39:04
Jake Menke - 26th: 40:01




Date:  Saturday, September 14th
Meet:  Dakota State Herb Blakely Invitational
Place:  Madison, SD

The Laker cross country team traveled to Madison, SD for the Dakota State Herb Blakely Invitational Saturday morning. The course was rolling hills with a strong breeze and rain showers. Leah Courtney again paced the team with a ninth place finish on the women's side and Andrew Krueger paced the men with a 49th place finish. All of our runners showed major improvements in time and I am thrilled with their progress.


Andrew Krueger - 49th:  30:04.83
Tian Siggins - 63rd:  32:01.53
Salvador Salazar - 64th:  32:11.64
Martin Christensen - 66th:  32:50.72
Kyle Kephart - 68th:  32:57.36
Jake Menke - 73rd:  41:03.89
Dylan Thomas - 74th:  41:20.33


Leah Courtney - 9th:  20:40.37
Ashley Weston - 41st:  23:12.74    Personal record time
Sam Piehl - 56th:  25:00.44
Elizabeth Johnson - 57th:  25:23.01
Amanda Sheridan - 59th:  25:54.93


Date:  Saturday, August 24th
Meet:  Regional Time Trials /  NIACC
Place:  Mason City, IA

The Iowa Lakes cross country teams traveled to Mason City today for regional time trials held on the NIACC campus. The weather was hot, humid, and windy which slowed times for all competitors. The men's team placed 6th out of 9 teams and was paced by Sophomore Andrew Kruger. 

Andrew Kruger  54th  19:57.9
Salvador Salazar 63rd  20:44.0
Tian Siggins       68th  21:05.3
Kyle Kephart      71st  22:01.7
Martin Christensen  73rd  22:12.7 

The Women's team place 7th out of 10 teams and they were led by Sophomore Leah Courtney.

Leah Courtney        10th   22:57.3
Ashley Weston      28th   26:9.4
Sam Piehl          32nd    27:03.5 

Our next action will be September 14th at Dakota State University in Madison SD



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