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Associate of Arts (AA) degree
Students completing an AA degree for Iowa Lakes Community College are generally considered to have met all general education requirements in the College of Liberal Arts and College of Education at the University of Iowa. There is a foreign language requirement prior to graduation at the University. Students who plan to complete an AA degree should follow the specific requirements of Iowa Lakes Community College.

Individual Courses
The guide below is designed for use in selecting courses that will apply to the College of Liberal Arts and College of Education General Education Program requirements at the University of Iowa. Use this guide if you are not planning to get an AA degree before transferring to the University.

A complete equivalency guide is available from an advisor or counselor at Iowa Lakes Community College.

Additional Information
If you plan to major in Business, Engineering, Nursing or Pharmacy, see an advisor for more specific advising material. Guides are available at Iowa Lakes Community College or on the web page Transfer Planning by Majors.

For information from the University of Iowa you may call 319-335-3847 or e-mail to

For questions or comments on transferring from Iowa Lakes Community College, you can e-mail Diana Refsell, Counselor, at

University of Iowa Iowa Lakes Community College
Course Equivalent
Rhetoric: (4-8 Sem hrs)
Composition, Level 1 Component ENG105
Composition, Level 2 Component ENG106
Speech Component SPC101
Satisfies 22M:1 – no credit            MAT100, MAT110
Satisfies 22M:2 – no credit    MAT102, MAT101   
Foreign Language:    FLS141, FLS142, FLS241, FLS242, FLS946   
Interpretation of Literature:
( 3 semester hours)   
LIT101, LIT150   
Historical Perspectives:
( 3 semester hours)   
ART206, HIS110, HIS111, HIS285   
Foreign Civilization and Culture    ART206, HIS110, HIS111, HIS285
Physical Education

PEA146, PEA134, PEA174, PEA130,
PEA187, PEA287, PEA106, PEA117,
PEA176, PEA230, PEA246, PEA294

University of Iowa Iowa Lakes Community College
Course Equivalent
(3 semester hours)
Contents listed in the table below.
ART101 ART206 ART121 ART133 ART174 ART134 ART143 ART144
ART173 ART127 LIT124 LIT110 LIT111 LIT161 LIT150 LIT151
LIT101 LIT133 JOU171 MUS190 MUS205 MUA124 MUA150 MUA152
MUA101 MUA180 MUA174 MUA166 MUA120 MUA156 MUA128 PHI101
PHI105 REL101 MUS187 MUA162 DRA101 MUA164 MUA154 MUA119
MUA158 MUS100 MUA160          
Natural Science:
(7 semester hours-one course must have lab)
Natural Science with Lab or Lab only
 Contents listed in the table below.
EV114A SC118A SC140A SC220A SC248A SC285A EV124A SC124A
SC172A SC221A SC264A SC106A SC125A SC177A SC230A SC265A
SC114B SC134A SC184A SC240A SC270A SC115B SC135B SC185A
SC244A SC271A SC117B SC139B SC196A SC245A SC284A  
Natural Sciences Contents listed in the table below.
EVS114 EVS124 BIO105 BIO102 BIO141 PHS166 BIO112 BIO186
PHY222 PHS113 CHM111 PHS110 CHM149 BIO113 BIO300 PHS187
PHY162 BIO163 BIO180 PHY172 CHM166 PHY212    
Quantitative or Formal Reasoning:
(3-4 semester hours)
Contents listed in the table below.
BUS210 BUS211 MAT120 MAT211 MAT156 MAT127 MAT217 MAT218
Social Science: (3 semester hours) Contents listed in the table below.
MMS101 ECN120 ECN130 PSY251 PSY121 PSY241 PSY11 SOC110
SOC115 POL111 POL110 SOC200 SOC120 ANT105 GEO121  
SS103A SS163A SS243A          
Distributed General Education:
(6 semester hours) Select two categories from the following list and complete 3 semester hours in each of the two categories: cultural diversity, fine arts, foreign civilization and culture, historical perspectives, humanities, physical education, social science.
Cultural Diversity LIT133, SOC200
Fine Arts Contents listed in the table below.
ART206 ART173 ART127 ART133 ART174 ART121 ART134 ART143
ART144 JOU171 MUA120 MUA166 MUA150 MUA160 MUA128 MUA162
MUA174 MUA152 MUS190 MUA156 MUA119 MUA164 MUA180 MUA101
MUA124 MUA158 MUS187 MUA154        

Questions about courses or transfer you may contact the University at 800-553-4692, or email

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