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Associate of Arts (AA) degree
Students who complete an AA degree with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher and who subsequently are admitted as degree-seeking candidates at Simpson College will be enrolled as juniors subject to the qualifications below:

The required Cornerstone and other graduation requirements will be credited on a course by course basis providing the course grade is C- or higher.

Although an unlimited number of credit hours may be transferred to Simpson College, graduates of a community college must complete a minimum of 64 semester hours of credit at Simpson to apply to the minimum of 128 semester hours needed to graduate.(132 for music).

Any passing grade will be accepted as part of the AA degree if the student has a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher. Courses with grades of D+, D or D- will be given departmental or divisional credit, not specific course credit.

Individual Courses
Students with AS, AAS or ABS degrees will have their courses evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Vocational-technical credit will be limited to a maximum of 16 semester hours. Students transferring without a degree will want to use the listing of Cornerstone courses below.

40-41 semester hours of gen. ed. required of all Simpson graduates

The following Iowa Lakes Community Courses fulfill Cornerstone requirements:


Simpson College Iowa Lakes Community College Equivalent
1.  The Western Tradition (6 hours)  
The classical Judaeo-Christian tradition(3 hours) LIT150, HIS110
The modern tradition(3 hours) LIT151, HIS111
2.  The Scientific Perspective (7-8 hours)  
Laboratory Sciences
(4-8 hrs, at least one course with lab)
EVS124, BIO102, BIO105, PHS113, PHS110,
PHS111, PHS187, PHS185, PHS142, CHM111,
CHM110, CHM152, CHM166, PHY162, BIO112,
BIO113, BIO300, PHY212,
Mathematics and Computer Science
(0-4 hours)
AGC106, BCA212, BUS211, MAT211, MAT157
3.  The Social Science Perspective (6 hours)
*Choose from 2 different subject areas
MMS101, ECN120, ECN130, SOC220, PSY111, SOC110, SOC115, POL111, ANT105
4.  The Humanistic Perspective (9 hours)  
Religion and philosophy (at least 3 hours) PHI101, PHI105, REL101
Literature and History (at least 3 hours) LIT101, LIT124, LIT110, LIT111
A third course from Religion & Philosophy or Literature and History from above (3 hours).
*At least 1 literature & 1 history course among cornerstone 1, 4, 6.
HIS151, HIS152, HIS201
5.  The Fine Arts Perspective (3 hours) ART101, ART206, MUS100, DRA101
6.  The Minority Perspective (3 hours) To be completed at Simpson

Competencies:    Refer to Simpson College catalog for specific requirements.
English:                  ENG105, ENG106, English Comp I & II.
Math:                      MAT102 Intermediate Algebra or higher level math
Foreign Lang:       Two semester college sequence, 3-4 years in high school or placement test performance.

An alphabetical listing by department of course equivalencies is available in an advisor or counselor office at Iowa Lakes.

You may contact Simpson at 800-362-2454 with questions about course transfer or general transfer questions.

For questions or comments on transferring from Iowa Lakes Community College, you can email Jody Condon, Counselor, at


Questions or comments? Please email us at or call 712-362-2604 or 800-521-5054.
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