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Northwest Missouri State University

Maryville, Missouri

Associate of Arts (AA) degree
The policy at Northwest Missouri State University states that an Associate of Arts (AA) degree will satisfy general education requirements if the student has at least 39 semester hours within distribution of courses listed below. The Environmental Studies Program at Iowa Lakes Community College meets the requirements and is treated as an AA degree.

Individual Courses
The following table will identify courses at Iowa Lakes that are equivalent to courses at Northwest Missouri State University’s General Studies Core. Individual majors may require more specific directed general education requirements. Please refer to the NMSU Undergraduate Catalog for details. Students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete 9 semester hours of a single foreign language.


Northwest Missouri State University
Undergraduate Catalog 1996-98
Iowa Lakes Community College
Course Equivalent
Core Courses:  
English 111
English 112
Speech 102 SPC101
(one course)
BUS210, BUS211, MAT110,
MAT120, MAT127, MAT211,
MAT156, MAT157
Only courses equivalent to
General Statistics I or Concepts
of Mathematics at Northwest will
actually fulfill this requirement:
however, other courses listed will
waive the requirement.
Computer Literacy 130 BCA212, CSC110
Lifetime Wellness 110 PEH102
P.E. Activities
(two courses)
PEA146, PEV110, PEV210,
PEA106, PEA134, PEA117,
PEA174, PEA176, PEA130,
PEA230, PEA187, PEA246,
PEA287, PEA294
Liberal Studies Courses:  
History 155 HIS151, HIS152
Government 102 POL111
Must also take one-hour Missouri
Politics course at Northwest in order
to fulfill state requirement.
Science:  8 hrs. from two areas;
BSEd must have one Biology &
one Physical Science, both with
lab components.
Biology BIO102, BIO105, BIO141,
BIO112, BIO300, BIO180,
Chemistry CHM111, CHM110, CHM151
Earth Science PHS187, PHS185, PHS170
Physics/Phys. Science PHS113, PHS110, PHS166,
PHS162, PHS172
Humanities Studies
(9 hrs., one course each area)
Humanities/Philosophy PHI101, PHI105,
REL101, HIS110, HIS111
Literature LIT101, LIT124, LIT110,
LIT111, LIT161, LIT150,
LIT151, LIT113
Fine Arts ART101, ART206, MUS100,
HIS285, DRA101
Social & Cultural Studies: 
(9 hrs., 1 course from each area)
Social Science ECN120, ECN130, POL110,
SOC110, GEO121,
ANT105,  TRV116
Psych 103:
(Must take 08-303 for BSEd.)
Multicultural Studies FLS141, FLS142,
FLS241, FLS242, SOC186

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