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Tuesday, January 24: All daytime and evening classes (both credit and continuing education) will be cancelled after 2 p.m. at all campuses. Also, all offices of Iowa Lakes will be closed effective at 2 p.m. Students and employees are encouraged to stay alert to changing weather conditions.


Accommodations/Disability Resources

The mission of Iowa Lakes Community College is to provide equal access to students with disabilities, while maintaining the integrity of the college’s academic standards.

Any student requesting accommodation services from Iowa Lakes Community College is required to submit an application for services and documentation of the disability. This information is used to verify eligibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504, Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment, and Iowa Lakes Community College policy.

Accommodations are intended to provide students with disabilities equal access.

For more information, please contact:

Jody Condon
Educational Counselor


Emmetsburg Campus:

Jody Condon
3200 College Drive
Emmetsburg, Iowa  50536
800-242-5108, ext 5219
Fax: 712-852-2152

Estherville Campus:

Jody Goche
Educational Counselor

Emily Murphy
Educational Counselor

Spencer Campus:

Jacqueline Carstens 
Educational Counselor

Questions or comments? Please email us at or call 712-362-2604 or 800-521-5054.
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