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Advisory Councils

RSVP projects are community-based projects, and usually receive some federal funding. There must be a real sense of local ownership and a spirit of partnership among the community, the sponsor, and the Corporation for National Service. 

Community participation is generated by individuals, groups and organizations including volunteer sites (or stations), local funding sources, civic and service clubs, the media, friends and family of volunteers, schools, private non-profits, businesses, community leaders and others who value the activities, accomplishments and impacts of the RSVP project and the volunteers. 

In order to achieve the goal of involving the community, RSVP advisory councils are formed to provide input to the RSVP staff, assess community needs, support the development of a service ethic in the community, promote awareness of RSVP, and help provide sustainability for the project. Advisory Councils are not decision-making boards, but rather serve to provide advice and direction to the RSVP staff.

If you are interested in serving on the RSVP Advisory Council in your county, contact your local RSVP coordinator.   

Northwest Iowa RSVP Advisory Council Job Description

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Northwest Iowa Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is to provide people 55 and over with opportunities to share their experience, abilities and skills through volunteer community service in Northwest Iowa.


  • To engage persons 55 years of age and older in volunteer service to meet critical community needs; and 
  • To provide a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of volunteers.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Northwest Iowa RSVP Advisory Council Members:

  1. Assist in assessing community needs.
  2. Advise on volunteer recruitment strategies.
  3. Advise on programming for impact.
  4. Assist in evaluation of RSVP accomplishments and impact.
  5. Provide input about the availability of non-federal resources for RSVP and help develop a sustainability plan.
  6. Regularly attend and actively participate in the quarterly County Advisory Council meetings.
  7. Support the Sponsor and Project Director through impact programming efforts, volunteer recruitment, and provide leads on potential volunteer stations.
  8. Suggest ways that RSVP can gain increased visibility and recognition in the community.
  9. Provide input on how trends in the community are affecting seniors.

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Dawn Bernhard, Director

Questions or comments? Please email us at or call 712-362-2604 or 800-521-5054.
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