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Fire School, Firefighter & HazMat Classes

Firefighter Education - Fire School, Firefighter I &II, Driver/Operatory: Pump Apparatus, Regional Emergency Response Training Center (RERTC) classes

Fire Fighter 1

Iowa Lakes partnered with FSTB to offer this class.  This class is at no cost for all volunteer firefighters in the State of Iowa. It is paid through the Iowa Volunteer Firefighter Training funds. It will use the 2013, Essentials of Fire Fighting, 6th Ed. The purpose of the class is to provide entry-level firefighter candidates with the basic information necessary to meet the job performance requirements of NFPA® 1001, Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications 2013 edition. The minimum number of student to hold this class is 12.
Course #: 54217 Date(s): 1/6/14-1/23/14
Site: Graettinger Fire Dept. Time: 6-10pm

Training for RERTC & 1403 Live Fire $10

This provides Fire Instructors, Training Offices and Department Staff the necessary knowledge and tools to properly and safely conduct live fire training evolution following NFPA® 1403 Standards for Live Fire Training Evolutions. This is not a certification.  It is training to conduct live fire evaluations at Iowa Lakes Community College, Regional Emergency Response Training Center (RERTC) in Emmetsburg.  It will present the necessary knowledge and tools to oversee training and conduct live fire training evolutions at the RERTC to minimizing risk of injury and/or death to students
Course #: 54323 Date(s): 2/18/14
Site: Emmetsburg (4101) Const. Tech Bldg.
Time: 6:30-9:30pm (Tues.)

First Responder with Hazardous Material

(Refreshers) Annual refresher training is recommended by OSHA. Awareness class will cover the total 4 hour OSHA recommendation. The HazMat refresher for Operations will cover only 4 hours of the OSHA recommended 8-hour annual refresher training. It is for Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement. The other 4 hours may be department training/review or individual documented response to an incident.  Documentation of attendance of these class is kept by Iowa Lakes Continuing Education with certificates awarded to student. All other documentation must be maintained by the department/employer. These course are at course are at no charge to any responder in the State of Iowa.

Hazmat Awareness, Sec Rds

Course #: 54215 Date(s): 4/4/14
Site: Spencer Time: 8:30am-12:30pm (Fri.)
Course #: 54216 Date(s): 4/10/14
Site: Spirit Lake (129) Time: 8:30am-12:30pm (Thurs.)

Hazmat Ops Refresh Law Enforcement

Course #: 54213 Date(s): 2/12/14
Site: Spencer Time: 8:30am-12:30pm (Wed.)
Course #: 54214 Date(s): 4/16/14
Site: Spirit Lake (121) Time: 8:30am-12:30pm (Wed.)

Hazmat Ops Refresher for Fire & EMS


Iowa Lakes Regional Fire School and EMS Conference To Be Held: Saturday & Sunday, August 16 & 17, 2014

A committee comprised of Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth, and Palo Alto Fire Departments along with Palo Alto County Health System have organized this regional event.  Held one weekend a year at the campus in Emmetsburg.
Flier will be posted as a PDF on the right side of this page when available.


Steve Dobbins

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