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Computer Technology Classes

Google Docs $40

Share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Create, revise, and share information. This course provides step-by-step instructions. Students should bring laptop & have Google account.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54775 2/15/14 Spirit Lake (127) 9am-1pm (Sat.)


Introduction to Photoshop $64

The introductory course will provide users with the ability to begin their marketing materials, blogs, newsletters, and photo editing journey! The course provides great information to those interested in graphic design as a hobby or as a potential career (for PC users).

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54765 2/11/14-3/4/14 Estherville (109) 6-8pm (Tues.)


Photoshop 2 $64

A step beyond the introduction course. If you’re a beginner, please take the introductory course first. This course will continue where you left off after the intro class. Explore the advanced features of Photoshop.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54766 3/18/14-4/8/14 Estherville (109) 6-8pm (Tues.)


Beginner iPad $40

Join this course to learn the basics on your new iPad. Learn from expert instructor, Jody Solbach! Jody instructs area businesses on in demand computer applications including Excel and Access. Beginning iPad will cover the basic functionality, tips, short cuts, and apps for your iPad. Register now!

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54767 3/13/14 Estherville (74) 9am-12pm (Thurs.)


Word Basics 2013 $40

Are you new to Microsoft Word 2013? This class teaches the basics of Word. You will learn how to create a document, open, save, and customize a document. Learn how to format and edit a document as well.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54784 1/25/14 Spirit Lake (127) 9am-1pm (Sat.)
54800 3/5/14 Spencer 5-9pm (Wed.)
54768 3/6/14 Algona (17) 5-9pm (Thurs.)


Word Advanced 2013 $40

Have you taken Microsoft Word 2013 Basics? If you are familiar with Word 2013, join us to learn more tips & tricks. Learn security features, customize themes and styles, utilize text boxes, and format graphs.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54785 1/27/14 Spirit Lake (127) 5-9pm (Mon.)


Windows 8.1 $40

Windows 8.1 is the newest operating system from Microsoft and comes pre-installed on most new computers. This course is designed for desktop and laptop users. You will learn how to more effectively use Windows 8.1 on your computer. (Or, You are welcome to bring your laptop.)

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54809 2/17/14 Spirit Lake (127) 5-9pm (Mon.)
54805 4/9/14 Spencer 5-9pm (Wed.)


Internet Explorer 11 Basics $40

Internet Explorer 11 is the most recent Microsoft browser and is pre-installed on the new Windows 8.1. This two-hour course will introduce its important features so you can surf the web more effectively. Students should bring their own laptop with Windows 8.1/IE 11 with them for this course.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54777 2/24/14 Spirit Lake (127) 5-7pm (Mon.)
54806 4/16/14 Spencer 5-7pm (Wed.)


Publish on Demand (POD) $40

Publish on Demand (POD) allows you to publish your own book at little cost, with as few as 1 copy per publishing run. The course will introduce using, a major POD company, to print your book. It will also give formatting tips using Word 2013. Students will benefit if they have signed up with Feel free to bring your own laptop with a draft document for possible publication.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54782 2/3/14 Spirit Lake (127) 5-9pm (Mon.)
54803 4/2/14 Spencer 5-9pm (Wed.)


Computer Basics $40

Are you new to a personal computer? If so, join this class to explore the basics of using a computer.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54813 2/22/14 Spirit Lake 9 am-1pm (Sat.)
54801 3/12/14 Spencer 5-9pm (Wed.)


Skydrive $40

Skydrive is embedded into Windows 8.1 and the 2013 Microsoft Office programs (such as Word and Excel). It allows cloud storage, document sharing, and use of online Office apps. This two hour course will cover the basics of setting up and using Skydrive. Students should bring their own laptop with Windows 8.1/Office 2013 with them for this course.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54783 2/1/14 Spirit Lake (127) 9-11am (Sat.)
54802 3/26/14 Spencer 5-7pm (Wed.)


Powerpoint 2013 Basics $40

Are you new to PowerPoint? Learn how to create creative presentations to present to your audience. PowerPoint Basics provides you with what you need to know to begin your presentation, format your presentation, and save your PowerPoint for future use.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54779 2/8/14 Spirit Lake (127) 9am-1pm (Sat.)


Powerpoint Advanced 2013 $40

If you’re familiar with PowerPoint 2013, take this course to learn more tips and tricks to make your presentation standout. Use multi-media features, format tables, customize your slide-show.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54787 2/10/14 Spirit Lake (127) 5-9pm (Mon.)


Publisher Basics 2013 $40

Create a publication for your business! You will utilize the most commonly used tools in Microsoft Publisher 2013. Learn how to create and design a publication from the beginning. If you’re new to Publisher, this course is a great start!

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54815 3/3/14 Spirit Lake (127) 5-9pm (Mon.)


Excel Basics 2013 $40

Are you new to Excel 2013? Excel is a very useful tool! Learn about the many features of Excel: creating a workbook, customizing a workbook, saving a workbook and customizing data. Learn the absolute basics of what you need to know!

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54808 1/22/14 Spirit Lake (127) 5-9pm (Wed.)
54814 3/1/14 Spirit Lake (127) 9am-1pm (Sat.)
54788 3/25/14 Emmetsburg (330) 5-9pm (Tues.)
54769 3/27/14 Algona (17) 5-9pm (Thurs.)
54789 4/8/14 Spencer 5-9pm (Tues.)


Excel Advanced 2013 $40

Take a step beyond the basics of Excel during this class. This course focuses on formatting cells, editing workbooks, creating charts and pivot tables, and manipulating data.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
55023 4/1/14 Emmetsburg (330) 5-9pm (Tues.)
54770  4/1/14 Algona (17) 5-9pm (Tues.)
54790 4/15/14 Spencer 5-9pm (Tues.)


Quickbooks 2013 Basics $125

Are you new to QuickBooks and want to learn the basics of the QuickBooks software for your business or personal use? Join this class to learn from an experienced and certified QuickBooks advisor and accountant.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54792 1/13/14 Spencer 6-9pm (Mon. & Wed.)


Digital Photography I $44

There are many features that come with your digital camera including image stabilization, on-board image editing, color correction functions, auto-bracketing and burst modes. Learn about digital photographs, software, and editing. Students need to bring a camera and USB cord.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54763 4/22 & 4/29/14 Estherville (109) 6-8pm (Tues.)


Digital Photography II $44

There are many features that come with your digital camera including image stabilization, on-board image editing, color correction functions, auto-bracketing and burst modes. Learn about digital photographs, software, and editing. Students need to bring a camera and USB cord.

Course # Date(s) Site Time
54820 5/6 & 5/13/14 Spirit Lake (121) 6-8pm (Tues.)




Melissa Lutat
GAP Coordinator/Pathway Navigator

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