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Diploma Curriculum

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Students taking the Diploma Curriculum start in the fall semester.

BIO-163 A & P ELECTIVE (Essentials of Anatomy & Physiology, OR BIO 168 AP I and BIO 173 AP II for AAS degree students) 4
HSC-114 Medical Terminology 3
  Total Credits - Prerequisites 7


Fall Semester 
SUR-129 Surgical Foundations (hybrid) 6
SUR-123 Patient Care Concepts 2
SUR-131 Surgical Foundations Lab 4
SUR-430 Microbiology – Surgical Tech (or Microbiology BIO-186) 2
COM-725 Workplace Communications 2
  Total Credits - Fall 16


Spring Semester 
ADM-220 Career Development 1
SUR-223 Surgical Procedures (hybrid) 6
SUR-227 Surgical Procedures Lab 2
SUR-420 Pharmacology for Surgical Tech (hybrid) 2
SUR-517 Surgical Technology Practicum I 3
  Total Credits - Spring 14


Summer Semester 
SUR-519 Surgical Technology Practicum II 4
BUS-161 Human Relations (or 3 credit elective if student has previously taken BUS-161) 3
  Total Credits - Summer 7


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