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Curriculum - Hotel Restaurant Management

NRA/Culinary Mgt. - National Restaurant Association Certification Courses
AH&LA - American Hotel & Lodging Association Certification Courses
ANFP - Association of Nutrition and Food service Professionals
ACF- American Culinary Federation

Click on the course numbers to view the catalog course descriptions.

Freshman Fall Semester (Total credits = 21)

CSC-110:  Introduction to Computers (3 credits)
HCM-104:  Applied Food Service Sanitation - ACF - AHLA - ANFP (4 credits)
HCM-265:  Mathematics for Hospitality (3 credits)
HCM-292:  Food Preparation (3 credits)
HCM-591:  Housekeeping Management - AHLA (3 credits)
HCM-705:  Hospitality Club Activities I (1 credit)
HSC-134:  First Aide/CPR (1 credit)
SPC-101:  Oral Communications (3 credits)

Freshman Spring Semester (Total credits = 20)

BUS-121:  Business Communications OR
ENG-105:  English Composition I (3 credits)
BUS-161:  Human Relations (3 credits)
HCM-141:  Food Production - NRA (5 credits)
HCM-229:  Nutrition for the Life Cycle - NRA - ANFP (4 credits)
HCM-595:  Front Office Operations/Night Audit - AHLA (4 credits)
HCM-707:  Hospitality Club Activities II (1 credit)

Sophomore Fall Semester (Total credits = 18)

ACC-111:  Intro to Accounting (3 credits)
HCM-240:  Menu Planning & Design (2 credits)
HCM-237:  Modified Diets - ANFP (4 credits)
HCM-330:  Hospitality Personnel Management (3 credits)
HCM-450:  Job Seeking Skills I (2 credits)
HCM-709:  Hospitality Club Activities III (1 credit)
HCM-939:  Work Experience I  OR
HCM-940:  Work Experience II (3 credits)

Sophomore Spring Semester (Total credits = 18)

HCM-310:  Hospitality Law - AHLA (3 credits)
MKT-110:  Principles of Marketing (3 credits)
HCM-239:  Customer Service (2 credits)
HCM-592:  Convention Management- AHLA (3 credits)
HCM-602:  Introduction to Food & Bar Operations - NRA (3 credits)
HCM-711:  Hospitality Club Activities IV (1 credit)
HCM-940:  Work Experience II  (or previous semester) (3 credits)

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