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Corwith-Wesley Luverne High School

Arts and Science


PHY-162 College Physics I, 4 cr.
Demonstrations, lectures, recitations and laboratory work beginning a two semester sequence covering the subject. Mechanics is primarily covered during the first semester. Recommended for pre-medical, dental, pharmacy and for liberal arts student interested in the sciences. Prerequisite: An elementary understanding of algebra, trigonometry and geometry from high school study.

PHY-172 College Physics II, 4 cr.
Continuation of PHY-162. Thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism are covered in this semester. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: PHY-162.

PHS-187 Intro to Earth Science, 4 cr.
Surveys the basic concepts of chemistry, geology and meteorology. This course is recommended for students who have not had high school chemistry. Lecture, demonstrations and laboratory. 

BIO-141 Ecology & Environment Concepts, 4 cr.
Basic ecology and environmental concepts, including population studies of the world and how they relate to environmental problems. Lecture and laboratory.

PHS-113 Intro to Physical Science, 4 cr.
A survey of the basic concepts of astronomy and physics, recommended for students who have not had high school physics. Lecture, demonstration and laboratory.

Course offerings are subject to change, students should check with their high school counselor.  

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