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Concurrent Enrollment


Classes that are designated as CAREER CONNECT CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT classes at Iowa Lakes Community College are designed to provide the student with the option to enroll in college credit classes that will lead to either an Associate or Bachelor’s degree or career and technical classes that may be part of an articulated Career Pathway. The classes allow qualified students to earn concurrent credit while attending their local high schools. These classes meet in the local high school.

The concurrent enrollment program promotes rigorous academic or career and technical pursuits by providing opportunities to high school students to enroll in eligible nonsectarian courses as established under Iowa Code 260C.  The classes meet in the student’s local high school and are taught by high school faculty who are certified, as stated in the Iowa Lakes Community College Quality Faculty Plan, to teach the appropriate college level courses. The Iowa Lakes Community College course syllabus and approved textbooks are the basis for the curriculum.

Concurrent enrollment programming at Iowa Lakes will meet and exceed the provisions as prescribed in the SENIOR YEAR PLUS program (Iowa Code 281-22).

Courses offered are intended to strengthen and enhance the curriculum offerings of the high school and not replace current curriculum offerings. Successful completion of courses will ease the transition and allow for a seamless transition of students into the postsecondary academic arena.

As an effort to continue to provide educational opportunities to high school students that are reflect the same quality, rigor and relevancy available in college credit classes taught on campus, Iowa Lakes Community College has become affiliated with the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). NACEP is a professional organization for high schools and colleges that fosters and supports rigorous concurrent enrollment. Established in 1999 in response to the dramatic increase in concurrent enrollment courses throughout the country, NACEP serves as a national accrediting body and supports all members by providing standards of excellence, research, communication and advocacy.

Laws enacted by the Iowa Legislature and policies enforced by the Iowa Department of Education shall supplant any policy or procedure stated in this document.


Faculty teaching courses for college credit are required to meet the standards and requirements of the Iowa Lakes Community College Quality Faculty Plan (appendix) and Iowa Code 281-22.3(1).


The content of courses taught for Concurrent Enrollment credit shall coincide with the corresponding courses at Iowa Lakes Community College. The syllabus and textbooks used by the Iowa Lakes instructors are required components of the course. While Iowa Lakes recognizes professional freedom, it is strongly recommended that the high school instructor and the Iowa Lakes instructor confer regarding course content, competencies, assessment, etc. to assure student success.


The spirit of Concurrent Enrollment dictates that the student not only be exposed to the rigors and expectations of postsecondary course work and receive college credit, but will also receives high school credit which leads to graduation.


The eligibility of students to participate in concurrent enrollment classes is outlined in the Senior Year Plus chapters of the Iowa Code and determined by the local school district. The following are guidelines adopted by the Iowa Department of Education.

  • The program shall be made available to all eligible resident students in grades 9 through 12.
  • Persons who have graduated from high school are not eligible under this Act. Receipt of a diploma is not determination of when graduation occurs but rather when the student has completed the requirements for graduation under local board policy.
  • Students enrolled in an accredited nonpublic school may access the program through the school district in which the accredited nonpublic school is located
  • No student shall be enrolled as a full time student in any one postsecondary institution. “Full time” means enrollment in any one academic year, exclusive of any summer term of 24 or more postsecondary credit hours. (Iowa Code 281-22.6(261E) Iowa Lakes defines “Full Time” as 12 or more credit hours per semester.  
  • Students wishing to enroll in this program shall meet the entrance requirements of Iowa Lakes Community College. (ASSET or ACT)


The procedures for enrollment in Concurrent Enrollment classes at Iowa Lakes Community College are outlined below. Local school districts may have other procedures or policies that apply within their system. A student anticipating enrollment in a Concurrent Enrollment course must complete the following.

  • Student must complete ASSET assessment or ACT test. Scores must be submitted to Iowa Lakes Success Center. 
  • Students must complete and submit the “Application for Postsecondary Admission/Registration” (Appendix) as required by the Iowa Lakes Community College within the timelines established for each term. The postsecondary institution will review the application and determine whether or not to accept the student. 
  • The signatures of the student, parent or guardian and high school representative are required on the registration form prior to enrolling in a course. These signatures indicate that the student and parent or guardian received information regarding the program and are aware of their responsibilities. If the student is 18 or older, only the student’s signature and high school representative are required.
  • After registration, if a student decides to withdraw from school or drop a course for which the student registered at the postsecondary institution, the student or school district shall immediately notify Secondary Programs at Iowa Lakes of the desire to withdraw by means of the “Change of Registration” form (Appendix) or other means acceptable to Secondary Programs. 
  • Student registrations with the intent of correcting class enrollment will not be added following one week after mid-term.


  • Student’s and/or parent’s responsibility to pay for class costs in the event of unsuccessful completion of the course requirements will be determined by the local school district. 
  • The final date for cancellation of registration without cost to the school district shall be determined as the 15th day of classes for the local school district.
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Counselors or students may contact the following Iowa Lakes Community College personnel at 800-242-5108 for information.

Kari Hampe
Career Connect Director

Ciara Johnson
Career Connect Coordinator

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