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Monday, Feb 8, 2016: Iowa Lakes is closed today due to inclement weather. There will be no classes (credit & continuing education). This includes evening classes. All offices are closed.



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Core Requirement
Concentration Area Requirement
General Education Requirement


Freshman Fall Semester 
CRJ-100 Intro to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ-201 Juvenile Delinquency 3
CRJ-200 Criminology 3
PEH-225 Healthy Lifestyles 3
ENG-105 English Comp I 3
  CJ Concentration Course #1 (see list below) 3
  Total Credits - Fall Freshman 18


Freshman Spring Semester
CRJ-214 Survival Spanish for CJ 2
CRJ-218 Field Experience I 2
CSC-110 Computer/Business (Intro to Computers) 3
MAT-110 Math (Math for Liberal Arts) 3
SPC-122 Interpersonal Communications 3
PEA-143 PEA Elective (Physical Conditioning I) 1
  CJ Concentration Course #2 (see list below) 1
  Total Credits - Spring Freshman 15


Summer Semester
CRJ-219 Field Experience II 3
  Total Credits - Summer 3


Sophomore Fall Semester
CRJ-123 Service Learning Project 1
CRJ-130 Criminal Law  3
CRJ-207 Drug Use & Abuse 3
PSY-241 Social Science (Abnormal Psychology) 3
SOC-110 Social Science (Intro to Sociology) 3
PEA-244 PEA Elective (Physical Conditioning II) 1
  CJ Concentration Course #3 (see list below) 3
  Total Credits - Fall Sophomore 17


Sophomore Spring Semester
CRJ-133 Constitutional Criminal Procedures 3
CRJ-250 Firearms 1
CHM-190 Science (Intro to Forensic Chemistry) 4
PHI-105 Humanities (Introduction to Ethics) 3
PEA-292 PEA Elective (Physical Conditioning III) 1
  CJ Concentration Course #4 (see list below) 3
  Total Credits - Spring Sophomore 15


Concentration Courses (choose from list below)
CRJ-170 Overview of Cyber Crime 3
CRJ-141 Criminal Investigations 3
CRJ-136 Correctional Law 3
CRJ-208 Introduction to Private Security 3
CRJ-110 Patrol Procedures 3
CRJ-120 Introduction to Corrections 3
CRJ-220 Community Based Corrections 3
CRJ-990 Criminal Justice with the Expert 1
CRJ-901 Criminal Justice in the Big City 1
JOU-171 Introduction to Photography 3


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