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(Diploma consists of the first three terms) 
Click on the course numbers to view the catalog course descriptions. Courses listed in parentheses are suggested courses to meet that requirement. 

Core Requirement
Concentration Area Requirement
General Education Requirement


Freshman Fall Semester 
BUS-161 Human Relations 3
CSC-110 Introduction to Computers/info Systems 3
MAT-101 Intermediate Algebra OR 3
MAT-102 Intermediate Algebra (4cr.)  
WTT-104 Introduction to Wind Energy 4
WTT-115 Field Training and Project Operations 4
WTT-118 Direct Current Electrical Theory 4
  Total Credits - Fall Freshman 21


Freshman Spring Semester
BUS-121 Business Communications 3
PHY-184 Applied Physics 4
WTT-123 Alternating Current Electrical Theory I 4
WTT-126 Basic Hydraulics 3
WTT-133 Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems 3
WTT-134 Electric Motors and Generators 4
  Total Credits - Spring Freshman 21


Summer Semester
WTT-206 High Voltage Awareness & Fall Rescue Safety Training 1
WTT-932 Wind Turbine Internship 5
  Total Credits - Summer 6


Sophomore Fall Semester
WTT-214 Basic Networking and Computer Technology 3
WTT-216 Power Generation & Transmission 3
WTT-244 Alternating Current Electrical Theory II 4
WTT-245 Electrical Practical Applications 4
  Total Credits - Fall Sophomore 14


Sophomore Spring Semester
MGT-101 Principles of Management 3
WTT-204 Wind Turbine Siting 4
WTT-225 Data Acquisition & Assessment 4
WTT-235 Programmable Logic Control Systems 4
WTT-250 Basic Electronics 4
  Total Credits - Spring Sophomore 19
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