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General Education
Core (First Year)
Advanced Required (Second Year)


1st Semester 
ELE-119  Basic Electricity I 4
SER-124 Industrial Safety and Workplace Environment 1
SER-114 Blueprint Reading 1
SER-116 Career Seminar 1
CIS-125 Intro Program Logic W/Language 3
EGT-114 Intro to Engineering Technology 3
MAT-743 Technical Math 3
  Total Credits - 1st Semester 16


2nd Semester 
ELE-136 Basic Electricity II 4
ELE-226 Electric Motors and Generators 4
ELE-242 Programmable Logic Control Systems 4
ELT-309 Digital Circuits 3
PHY-709 Intro to Technical Physics 4
  Total Credits - 2nd Semester 19


3rd Semester (Summer)
EGT-946 Engineering Technology Internship OR 6
EGT-934 Engineering Technology Internship II AND 4
EGT-950 Engineering Technology Seminar (or a Humanities course) 2
  Total Credits - 3rd Semester 6


4th Semester 
EGT-117 Fluid Power Fundamentals 2
ATR-105 Industrial Robotics 3
ELE-183 Electrical Practical Applications 4
ELT-125 Advanced PLC 3
MFG-505 Lean Manufacturing 1
NET-148 Basic Networking and Computer Technology 3
  Total Credits - 4th Semester 19


5th Semester 
BUS-121 Business Communications 3
BUS-161 Human Relations 3
ATR-253 Robotic Programming 3
CIS-141 Computer Science 3
ATR-106 Motion Control 3
EGT-137 Fluid Power Control 4
  Total Credits - 5th Semester 19


+ Or College Algebra or Higher

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