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Tuesday, January 17: All classes (credit and continuing education) at all campuses will start at 12 Noon. This also affects the Jazz Band Contest which will start at 12 Noon on the Estherville campus. All offices will open at 12 Noon.



Click on the course numbers to view the catalog course descriptions.

General Education
Core (First Year)
Advanced Required (Second Year)


1st Semester 
ELE-119  Basic Electricity I 4
SER-124 Industrial Safety and Workplace Environment 1
SER-114 Blueprint Reading 1
SER-116 Career Seminar 1
CIS-125 Intro Program Logic W/Language 3
EGT-114 Intro to Engineering Technology 3
MAT-743 Technical Math 3
  Total Credits - 1st Semester 16


2nd Semester 
ELE-136 Basic Electricity II 4
ELE-226 Electric Motors and Generators 4
ELE-242 Programmable Logic Control Systems 4
ELT-309 Digital Circuits 3
PHY-709 Intro to Technical Physics 4
  Total Credits - 2nd Semester 19


3rd Semester (Summer)
EGT-946 Engineering Technology Internship OR EGT-934 4
  Humanities, 3 cr or more OR EGT-950 (2 cr) 3
  Total Credits - 3rd Semester 7


4th Semester 
EGT-117 Fluid Power Fundamentals 2
ATR-105 Industrial Robotics 3
ELE-183 Electrical Practical Applications 4
ELT-125 Advanced PLC 3
MFG-505 Lean Manufacturing 1
NET-148 Basic Networking and Computer Technology 3
  Total Credits - 4th Semester 16


5th Semester 
BUS-121 Business Communications 3
BUS-161 Human Relations 3
ATR-253 Robotic Programming 3
CIS-141 Computer Science 3
ATR-106 Motion Control 3
EGT-137 Fluid Power Control 4
  Total Credits - 5th Semester 19


+ Or College Algebra or Higher

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