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The diploma consists of the first three semesters.

Core Requirement
Concentration Area Requirement
General Education Requirement


Freshman Fall Semester
AGA-156 Introduction to Soils 3
AGH-106 Introduction to Horticulture 3
AGH-126 Woody Plant Materials 4
AGH-141 Equipment Operations 3
AGH-405 Golf Course Maintenance 3
BUS-161 Human Relations 3
SDV-090 College 101 0
  Total Credits - Fall Freshman 19

Freshman Spring Semester
AGH-113 Turfgrass Management 3
AGH-129 Plant Material III 3
AGH-850 Occupational Experience I OR 4
AGH-810 Turf & Landscape Internship (3 cr.) only for diploma students  
AGH-102 Horticulture Math 3
CSC-110 Introduction to Computers 3
  Total Credits - Spring Freshman 16

Summer Semester
AGH-117 Weed Identification 2
AGH-128 Plant Material II 4
AGH-860 Horticulture Careers/Field Trips 2
AGH-173 Landscape Installation & Maintenance 3
COM-723 Workplace Communications 3
  Total Credits - Summer 14

Sophomore Fall Semester
ACC-111 Introduction to Accounting 3
AGH-145 Landscape Construction 2
AGH-850 Occupational Experience II 4
MKT-140 Principles of Selling 3
AGH-161 Irrigation Systems 3
AGH-152 Landscape Design Techniques 3
HSC-134 First Aide/CPR 1
  Total Credits - Fall Sophomore 19

Sophomore Spring Semester
AGA-283 Pesticide Application Certification 2
AGH-256 Horticulture Chemicals 1
AGH-850 Occupational Experience III 4
MKT-162 Retail Merchandising 3
AGH-154 Residential Landscape Design 3
  Total Credits - Spring Sophomore 13

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