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Bus Driver

New Driver STOP (ONLINE) $85

Course #: 51706

Must be completed at least one week before the the face-to-face class.

Face-to-Face $85

Date(s): 4/2/14
Site: Emmetsburg (120) Time: 7-10pm (Wed.)

This combination online/face-to-face course will help prepare new school bus drivers for their role in helping to keep the children safe while riding on a school bus. Online: Must be completed at least one week prior to face-to-face class date. Certificate of completion must be faxed to Continuing Education office before student can be registered to attend face-to-face portion.

Bus Driver Inservice $25

Course #: 51722 Date(s): 6/11/14
Site: Spirit Lake (130) Time: 7-10pm (Wed.)

To drive a school bus in this day and age requires a good deal of professionalism on the part of the school bus driver. Throughout a career as a school bus driver, many varied situations will be encountered that require certain skills and talents, with many putting a driver into a number of different roles depending on the situations, but at all times requiring them to be responsible, and professional. This training will deal with most of the roles and responsibilities encountered on a daily basis, as well as some encountered on a not-so-daily basis, and how to deal with them professionally.


You may register by any of the following methods:

Complete online registration form at
Call 800-252-5664


Continuing Education
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