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Third Age College and Beyond

Missing something in your life?
Fill that gap with Third Age College!
Gain intellect, have fun and enjoy fellowship with others.


Third Age College: Fall, 2014, courses held on the Spencer campus.  

Tuesdays & Thursdays beginning Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 9 a.m.

Cost is $25

Tuesdays:   Understanding the Inventions that Changed the World

Thursdays:  "The Great MGM Musicals:  The Arthur Freed Unit"

The Third Age College program is facilitated by: Dr. Carl E. Klein, Dr. Kella Klinker-Simonin, H. Schar, Dr. Harry Rasdal, and Ted Strain.



Questions or comments? Please email us at or call 712-362-2604 or 800-521-5054.
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