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Short-Term Vocational

Activity Director Training (60 Hours)

Completion of this course qualifies you to function as head of an activity department. Skills taught help you to reach every segment of the nursing home population and deal with their psychological needs.

Adult Vocational Short Term Preparatory Courses

Short term preparatory courses are designed for adults who can participate for only a short period of time in either the classroom or a practical laboratory. Programs are at least 120 hours in length and are designed to teach the basic skills for job entry. You can earn a Certificate of Completion for successfully finishing these courses.

Adult Vocational Supplemental Courses

These courses are offered to increase skills, understanding and appreciation needed by already employed adult workers. The courses are designed to upgrade or update occupational competency.

The need for these courses is identified in several different ways:

  • Individual or group can request a specific course.
  • An agency, organization, business or industry can make a request.
  • Advisory committees such as those for nursing, banking, homemaking and custodians can plan needed courses.
  • Licensing boards assist in identifying needs.

Emergency Medical Technician - (EMT-B) Basic (150 Hours) - Steve Dobbins

Classroom time is combined with in-hospital observation and training, and the recommended five emergency-ambulance runs. Students learn recognition of symptoms of illness, injuries and proper procedures for care. This course is approved by the Department of Transportation.

Emergency Medical Technician - (EMT-I) Intermediate (170 Hours) - Steve Dobbins

This is the first classification for Advanced Emergency Medical Technician certification. At this level of training you will gain a more in-depth knowledge of certain body systems and of assessment of patients in stress. One skill, intravenous therapy  will also be added to your basic skills. You must be certified as an EMT-B to enter this course.

Nurse Assistant (75 Hours)

This course prepares you to work in a long-term care facility. Basic nursing skills, information on the aging process, necessary attitudes and understanding for employment are presented. This course also fulfills the requirements to become certified as a Nurse Aide I.

Home Care Aide (13 Hours)

This state approved course provides the basic training and orientation necessary for you to be employed in a home where illness, disability or other crisis threatens normal family living.  You will  learn to encourage the disabled or aged person to help himself/herself.  This 13-hour practicum follows the prerequisite 75-hour Nurse Assistant course.  Mandatory Child/Adult Abuse is included in this course and is required at the time of employment (given by the employing agency).

Nurse Assistant II

Both classroom and clinical experience combine in this course to give you the basic nursing skills, attitudes and understanding of your role as a hospital aide.

Real Estate Prelicense

This course is approved by the Iowa Real Estate Commission as an Accredited 60 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Prelicense class. This program has been developed to better prepare prospective licensees to enter the real estate profession and to pass the State of Iowa exam. This course is offered both in a face-to-face format, offered twice a year; or available online, while starting at time of registration.

Supervision in Health Care

This program is designed to enable the nurse to gain knowledge and develop skills necessary to manage personnel and clients in health care facilities.  Focus is on supervisory skills for nurses in long term care.  Supervision in Health Care is aimed for RNs and LPNs.

50 Hour Medication Aide

This course prepares aides to safely administer medication in nursing facilities and related areas through 40 classroom hours and 10 clinical hours of training.  Emphasis is on safe administration.  Students use theory and practice to learn this.   Prerequisites include being a certified Nurse Assistant on the State Registry; recommended by their DON; employed at sponsoring facility for six months; proficient in taking vitals; application materials submitted to Rosemary Coleman, Health Programmer at Iowa Lakes Community College. 

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