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Health Occupation Classes

 50-Hour Medication Aide



This class will provide updates and reviews on a variety of subjects as they relate to safety in imaging. 

Class:  #57456   Friday, September 26, 2014  9:00a - 3:30p
Instr:   Doreen Towsley-Cook, M.A.E.R.T.(R.)F.A.E.R.S.
Fee:   $80 includes meal, refreshments, handouts, certificate of completion and recording fees.


Upon completion of this program, presented by Cathy Van Winkle, the student will be able to implement OSHA Bloodbourne Pathogen Standards in addition to the methods of compliance with mandatory immunizations required of members of the dental team and much more.  Fee includes tuition, refreshments, handouts and certificate of completion.

Class #57439   October 17, 2014
Emmetsburg Campus,  Rm: 530,540  
10:10 am – 12:10 pm
Instr:  Kathy Van Winkel
Fee:  $65


Jody Miller will review the effects of ionizing radiation, the standards for patient and operator protection from ionizing radiation, the legal and ethical responsibilities of dental assisting and discuss intra-oral radiography challenges. This course meets the requirement for Registration renewal in Radiography and is approved by the Iowa Dental Board.

Fee includes tuition, refreshments, handouts and certificate of completion.  Must pre-register by October 1.

Class: #57440  October 17, 2014
Emmetsburg Campus, Rm: 530,540
8:00a - 10:00a
Instr:  Jody Miller
Fee: $65


Join Dr. Glenn Rogers, Professor, Philosophy & Social Sciences, for an evening of review and exploration of basic ethical traditions, principles and applications as they relate to social work.

Class: #57455  Thursday, October 23, 2014
Estherville Campus 5:30pm - 9:00pm
Instr:  Dr. Glenn Rogers
Fee:  $50 includes evening meal at 5:30, handouts, certificate of completion and recording fees.


Location: Spencer Public Library ICN

Sep 9 8a-4p $75 1 Cardiac & Pulmonary Assessment Potratz 57415 .84 8.4
Sep 16,23,30
Oct 7,14
8a-11:30a $189 2 Cardiac Dysrhythmias Potratz 57416 2.10 21
Sep 16 12:30p-4p $40 3B Myocardial Infarction Shaw 57417 .42 4.2
Sep 23 12:30p-4p $40 4A Congestive Heart Failure Shaw 57418 .42 4.2
Oct 21 8a-4p $75 8 Respiratory Disorders Potratz 57419 .84 8.4
Oct 28 8a-11:30a $40 6 Pulmonary Physiology Shaw 57420 .42 4.2
Oct 28 12:30p-4p $40 18 Acute Changes on 12 Lead EKG Potratz 57421 .42 4.2
Nov 4,11 8a-4p $150 19 Advanced 12-lead EKG 2 days Potratz 57422 1.68 16.8

Location: Spencer High School ICN

Nov 4,11 8a-4p $150 19 Advanced 12-lead EKG 2 days Potratz 57422 1.68 16.8



Module 1 – Cardiac & Pulmonary Assessment     #57415

  1. Identify the characteristics & etiologies of normal & abnormal heart sounds.
  2. Differentiate signs & symptoms of arterial & venous vascular insufficiency.
  3. Discuss the problems in taking a blood pressure such as cuff size, patient position & presence of hypertension.
  4. State the characteristics of normal & abnormal lung sounds.
  5. Explain how to do a complete assessment of the thorax. 

Module 2 – Cardiac Dysrhythmias     #57416

  1. Identify the normal PR interval, QRS, & QT interval.
  2. Interpret 22 dysrhythmias. Discuss the assessment of the patient with each dysrhythmia.
  3.  Describe current treatment protocols for each dysrhythmia, including the actions & side effects of the medication.

Module 3B – Myocardial Infarction     #57417

  1. Discuss the etiology, clinical picture and medical care of the patient with an acute myocardial infarction.
  2. Using a case study, discuss the management of a patient with a myocardial infarction from the pre-hospital setting through home care.

Module 4A – Congestive Heart Failure     #57418

  1. Discuss the etiology, clinical picture, nursing and medical management for the patient with congestive heart failure.
  2. Describe the three general types of cardiomyopathy and the nursing care required for each type.

Module 6 – Pulmonary Physiology      #57419

  1. Discuss the mechanics of inspiration & expiration.
  2. Describe airway resistance, compliance, deadspace & shunting.
  3. Discuss how the respiratory center in the brain stem functions.
  4. Define lung volumes & capacities.

Module 8 – Respiratory Disorders     #57420

  1. Relate the etiology, clinical picture, nursing & medical management of acute respiratory failure, asthma, COPD, pulmonary emboli, pneumonia, & pulmonary aspiration.
  2. State the clinical picture & treatment for flail chest, pneumothorax & lung contusions.
  3. Discuss the care of the patient with a chest tube.

 Module 18 – Acute Changes on 12 Lead ECG     #57421

  1. State the normals for each of the 12 leads.
  2. Describe the interpretation of acute ischemic changes on the ECG.

Module 19 – Advanced 12 Lead EKG Interpretation     #57422

2 day class

Day I –

  1. Identify electrode placement and normal configuration for each of the 12 leads.
  2. Determine the electrical axis.
  3. Interpret the changes of ischemia, injury & necrosis of ST elevation MI.
  4. Identify the changes of non ST elevation MI
  5. Differentiate bundle branch blocks, aberration and Torsades de points.

Day II –

  1. Identify electrode placement and normal configuration for each of the 12 leads.
  2. Interpret the changes of hemiblock on the EKG.
  3. Discuss the criteria for the diagnosis of pre-excitation, pericarditis, hypertrophy and electrolyte and drug changes on the EKG.
  4. Describe the characteristics of AV dissociation and SA Blocks.


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