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Professional Development Classes

Communication Skills $89

Course #: 51767 Date(s): 1/13/14
Site: WEBNR Time: 5-7pm (Mon.)

Identify communication barriers at work. Explain that effective communication is a two way process. Develop good listening skills. Determine the current performance of an employee and how it is inconsistent with the expectation. Practice providing constructive feedback to them about their performance. Email address required upon registration.

Problem Solving $89

Course #: 51771 Date(s): 1/27/14
Site: WEBNR Time: 5-7pm (Mon.)

Solving problems sometimes is like wrestling an octopus. Determine who needs to be involved in the process. Identify the variables involved in the process. Explain the problem solving process. Participate in problem solving some past case studies. Email address required upon registration.

Delegating and Monitoring $89

Course #: 51775 Date(s): 2/10/14
Site: WEBNR Time: 5-7pm (Mon.)

Delegation is 100% pure empowerment. Explain why delegation is true empowerment and challenging, but rewarding. Explain why we do not like to delegate. Identify what types of tasks need to be delegated. Develop a task analysis of a given task and determine what steps you can delegate. Discuss what to do if you do not have employees with the skill or maturity level to handle the tasks. Email address required upon registration.

Resolving Conflict $89

Course #: 51777 Date(s): 2/24/14
Site: WEBNR Time: 5-7pm (Mon.)

Conflict is any disagreement between people regarding methods, results, attitudes, or perceptions. Discuss the aggressive/passive continuum. Identify several approaches to handling conflict. Determine how you currently handle conflict. Demonstrate conflict resolving techniques. Email address required upon registration.

Employee Discipline $89

Course #: 51780 Date(s): 3/24/14
Site: WEBNR Time: 5-7pm (Mon.)

Proficient leaders improve and develop individual performance by establishing clear expectations. Outline and discuss progressive discipline. Explain how when disciplining an employee we are still empowering them. Diagnoses specific performance problems. Demonstrate how to accurately document that performance. Write specific goals for improvement. Explain how to deal with difficult situations. Complete a correction report form. Email address required upon registration.

Evaluating Employee Performance $89

Course #: 51779 Date(s): 3/10/14
Site: WEBNR Time: 5-7pm (Mon.)

Effective leaders use evaluations as a tool to build skills and motivate employees to continued success. Explain why we need to evaluate performance. Demonstrate how to write appropriate expectations. Compare employee performance to expectations. Write goals for improvement to meet expectations. Practice giving an appraisal in class. Email address required upon registration.

Customer Loyalty WOW $54

Course #: 54081 Date(s): 4/3/14
Site: KC Hall in Algona Time: 9-11am (Thurs.)

According to, WOW means: (Verb) 1. To gain an enthusiastic response from; thrill. (Noun) 1. An extraordinary success. Especially in a tight market, your most powerful fuel for growth – and your best protection from your competition – is creating WOW (see definitions above) customer experiences. Whether you are the person on the front line, or the one working with the front line, you touch customers. In this session, we’ll cover tips and strategies to take your customer service skills to the next level, as well as how to assure customer loyalty (it’s easier and cheaper to keep your existing customers). After putting to practice what we discuss in this program, your customers will be coming back again and again saying, “WOW”!!

About the Instructor: Kathy Peterson is one of our most popular instructors and will keep you active and interested throughout the session. Participants come back again and again because her topics are always relevant, the information is always practical, and the training is always fun!

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